Mechanic Infantry


Jump and dodge to rescue your friends


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Mechanic Infantry is an independent platform game with gameplay similar to that of Super Meat Boy. It presents you with a serious of short, complicated levels that you'll have to beat in as little time as possible.

Getting to the end of a level is typically pretty easy. The problem lies in rescuing your hero's five friends along the way, as they've been scattered around each level. Helping them while dodging dangerous obstacles is a true challenge.

The game has two different playing modes: arcade, in which you have to beat fifty levels, and survival, where you have to survive as long as possible while rescuing your friends and avoiding enemy capture.

Mechanic Infantry is a fun game that, although it may occasionally be too difficult, pays you back in satisfaction after completing each level. And graphically, it's an absolute delight.

The trial version is not complete.

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